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Connect JVZoo, Shopify & Covert Commissions and beautifully formatted posts automatically be posted with your affiliate links, lead capture pages or product posts. 

This is the EASIEST way you can profit with Twitter because it's all been done for you.  Just connect them and you're 'hard work' is done. 

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Save More Time, Make More Money!

As I'm sure you already know, working harder doesn't always equal success.   With this add-on, you'll be able to automate posts specifically for MAKING YOU MONEY, rounding out your account with a great balance of tweets, retweets, content and now - a way to automatically turn all of that into cash! 

From: Cindy Donovan
New Members Interested In Turning Their Twitter Accounts Into Cash

Re: Special offer that allows you to connect three big money-making tools and automate your profit pulling posts.  

We've already established that just because you're working on something, doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to be profitable for you. 

What you SHOULD be focusing on in your business, should always bring you back to ... is this task getting me closer to seeing ACTUAL, higher returns in my bank account. 

If the answer is no, then you should reassess what you're doing - because while you're doing the 'fluff' tasks... I can guarantee, your online income isn't going to be building. 

But... what if you could let US take care of the profit side of things of your Twitter account for you too! 

We are happy you've chosen to invest in CinchTweet and are excited about the audiences you'll be building - and profits you'll be seeing. 

However, what we REALLY want is for you to not only see traffic - but to have a great way to turn that traffic in to cash. 

Which is why we created this three module Smart Cash system

Smart Cash Makes Money For You

Connect Your Account/s

Choose What To Post

Choose When To Post


Here's What Each Module Can Do For You

JVZoo Smart Cash Module

JVZoo is one of the largest online marketplaces for digital products, and with this module you can automatically post any products you've been approved to promote to your Twitter account. 

+ Sign up at JVZoo (it's Free) if you don't have an account yet
+ Add your JVZoo affiliate ID (it's just a number you get from JVZoo)
+ We'll load up all of the offers you've been approved to promote
+ Select the products you want to promote 
+ Deselect any you don't want to post about 
+ Choose when/how often you want your posts to go out 

There's nothing more to it!  We'll post JVZoo ads with your affiliate links for you on your Twitter wall.  Any time you get a sale, you'll see it automatically in your JVZoo account! 

Shopify Smart Cash Module

eCommerce is HUGE and Twitter is the perfect place to get more exposure for your products and build an audience who can then go on to buy even more of your products.  But... they can't buy if you're not telling them what to buy!  This module lets you connect your Shopify store and automatically tweet your products! 

+ Connect your Shopify store 
+ Choose the offers you want to post about in your Twitter feed
+ Pick when/how often you want your posts to go out 
+ That's it!  Automated eCom Twitter posts are done for you, forever! 

This Smart Cash software will post for you.  If you're using Shopify, you'll see the value of this system immediately, yeah?  

Twitter brings the traffic - Smart Cash posts your (free!!) ads and you get to profit! 

Covert Commissions Module

Covert Commissions gives you done for you and completely managed squeezepage marketing funnels.  You just put your JVZoo affiliate ID in to your Covert Commissions account and it's ready for you to start building lists and making cash. 

+ Connect your Covert Commissions account 
+ Choose which items you want to give away on your Twitter feed
+ Pick when/how often you want your posts to go out and it will go to work for you!

You will need a Covert Commissions account to use this module.  If you already have one, you can just connect your account and start tweeting your lead grabbing posts. 

With automated traffic from Twitter and auto list building, you'll be unstoppable!


If you already have a Covert Commissions account and just purchased CinchTweet, forward your receipt to our support desk and we'll give you a special mission that promotes CinchTweet, FREE Plus one bonus credit.  

If you don't have an account yet and want one, join at ANY membership option and then contact our support team after purchase and we'll give you FIVE bonus credits to use on any extra missions on top of your members allocation (offer valid only for new members)

To Make This Offer Even More Irresistable We've Included A
SMART Cloaking Tool For Your Links, FREE

ONLY Available From This Page As Part Of Smart Cash

Our Smart Cloaking tool lets you manage your links with much more control, letting you: 

+ Choose the preview/display image
+ Protect your affiliate commissions
+ See how many visitors have clicked your link

When you've made your link, you can go directly to using that link to create a post - or copy that link and use it anywhere you like, in your email promotions or even posting it to other Social Media platforms.  

And Of Course, It's Still Backed By Our 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

Not thrilled with our software?  We'd be surprised, but not offended.

We want this to be a happy purchase for you, so we're including our no-risk guarantee for Content Beast too. 

Unlock Smart Cash Now!

Automate Cash Pulling Posts On Your Twitter Accounts

You'll be able to start putting your new Twitter traffic into action for you, by autoposting from any or all of these modules on your chosen accounts. 

Instantly Updates As New Products Are Added

Request to promote products on JVZoo, or add new ones in Shopify- or unlock new missions in Covert Commissions and these will go into ad rotation, posting current, relevant cash generating ads for you! 

Grows As Your Following Continues To Grow

This entire CinchTweet system is created to be as hands free as possible for you, pulling everything you need for easy online success. 

Get Smart Cash Now At The Special Offer Discount

CinchTweet Smart Cash & Cloaker

To Your Success!
Cindy Donovan


Q: Do I Have To Use All Three Modules?
A: You can use all of them, or select just one or two.  It's up to you, they are each in your account separately, so you have full control.

Q: What Training Do You Provide?
A: We'll show you how to connect your accounts.  If you want to learn more about any of these three platforms, you'll need to get that information directly from them. 

Q: Does It Include CC, JVZoo, Shopify Accts?
A: Our system lets you connect your accounts, you will already need accounts in order to do that.  If you haven't got them yet, we'll show you how to do that.  It does not cover costs associated with Shopify or Covert Commissions membership (JVZoo is free to join)

Q: Can I Just Buy One Of The Modules? 
A: No, we've made this bundle available at a low price that we could quite easily charge for one of the modules alone. 

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We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. 
If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.

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